Meet the CEO
Luke Walker

“My goal is creating a legacy for myself and others around me, and I truly believe that if you find the right guidance and you have the desire, you will achieve anything.”  | Bamboosh CEO

Managing Director, Luke Walker
All About Luke
Luke Walker is an entrepreneur from the New Forest, in Southampton who came into to starting a company in April 2014 at 24 years of age.

Luke has come from a sports and business background and started his career playing Professional football before becoming a Personal trainer and a Gym Manager.

Sport is a massive part of Luke’s life, and growing had a significant influence from his Father who is a successful entrepreneur having spent many years working with the most significant names in the Furniture Industry.

As an entrepreneur, this has allowed Luke to experience many things with a passion such as travelling, seeing many sporting events and consulting many other businesses across the UK and USA.

Keep up with Luke’s latest news over on his personal website:

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