Why Bamboosh?
Why Bamboosh?

The story of the Bamboo plant is one that resonates with Bamboosh and the trajectory of business success. Intrigued? Read on…

The Bamboo plant requires three fundamental aspects to thrive in the forest: water, sunlight and nutrients.

In its first year, the plant does not grow, the second year, again grows nothing, and the third year the same. At this point many individuals that do not know the plant give up, this little plant will never improve.

The fourth year? The little plant grows a staggering 80 feet in just six shorts week, and what is the secret to this enormous growth? Its foundations. For four years, the little Bamboo plant develops a root system that is strong enough to support its substantial potential growth. It just needs time.

So, how is the Bamboo plant like business success? We believe that professionals in our industry require nurturing, we help them to build their strong foundations so they can grow on their own with strength and support.

Just like the Bamboo plant we know that foundations and strong roots are the driving force behind success. We aim to provide our contractors with all the skills and knowledge they need to build solid foundations, and then they can rocket in their growth. This is the driving force behind Bamboosh.

Here at Bamboosh, we are passionate about investing in our people, and we believe that individuals can often struggle in the initial weeks in such a demanding industry as the sales and marketing sector. We focus this time on building their foundations, and we welcome professionals that aim to work hard with an actively positive mindset.


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